Sewanee Professors Present at the Cervantes Institute in Dublin.

“Framing a Shooting Star” was the title of a the conference held at the Cervantes Institute in Dublin this past Tuesday, March 20th
The conference was intended to be a preliminary approach to the Peruvian performer Yma Sumac (1922-2008) whose voice and legend has intrigued audiences for decades. 
The director of the Cervantes Institute in Dublin, Víctor Andresco. Mr. Alberto González inaugurated the conference and then the Deputy Head of Mission of the Embassy of Peru, Alberto González,  introduced the presenters: the Ambassador from Perú in Ireland and professor of History in Sewanee, Carmen McEvoy and professor from the Spanish Department, Arturo Márquez Gómez. 
In her presentation Ambassador McEvoy proposed that Yma Sumac’s work must be understood in the historical context of Peru’s, specially the development of the “indigenismo” during the decade of thirthies. Professor Márquez’s presentation revolved around the cinematic performances of Yma Sumac and the ways in which she, as a hybrid artist, was able to manipulate Hollywood’s “ethnographic gaze” in the film Secret of the Incas (1954) by Jerry Hooper. 
The presentations were followed by questions and comments from a diverse audience who attended the event.