Semester In Spain Update

Professor Sánchez is traveling with students studying for a semester in Spain. Here is another sample of what the students have been experiencing! Our next trip was to Segovía on February 20th. It could have been a very cold day (Segovia is  a cold city), but it end up being a pleasant day.

First stop a view of the city in the background.
Photo of students with a view of the city in the background

And then we went to the old city, which is a combination or many historical periods since Segovia in a very old city. First we saw the aqueduct, sort of impossible to miss, since it is in the middle of the old city. It belongs to the time of the Romans and still works, and there is no cement between the stones!!!!!!!

Segovia, a very old city

After a fifteen minute break we went walking through the city. We stopped at the Synagogue. It is a church nowadays, part of a convent, but it still has all the elements of the old synagogue. This is the entry.

Entry to Synagogue

And this is the inside:

Interior view of Synagogue

From the synagogue we went to the Cathedral.
Exterior view of Cathedral

We also visited the Alcazar.
Exterior view of the Alcazar

And this is a view from the top. The students went up the tower, the professors declined the honor :)
Top Exterior view of the Alcazar