Dr. Colbert Learns Basque

 Dr. Colbert poses ironically with his family in Basque attire

Professor David Colbert-Goicoa has completed a two-week Basque language immersion course at the Maizpide Barnetegi-Euskaltegia in the town of Lazkao in the Basque Country. The course involves eight hours a day of classes and workshops, and students eat and sleep in the school building, speaking Basque with classmates, teachers, and locals. Professor Colbert’s goal is to read Basque literature, which he researches, in the original. Basque, which is spoken by about 800,000 people in Spain and France is unrelated to Spanish or any other languages and is legendarily difficult. Professor Colbert thus finds himself sympathizing with the challenges his own Spanish students face! This is Professor Colbert’s second time attending a course at Maizpide; the previous one was catered specifically to scholars of literature and sponsored by the Etxepare Basque Institute.

In this photo, Dr. Colbert poses ironically with his family in traditional Basque attire at a tourist shop