Dr. Chinchilla Chairs Panel at American Comparative Literature Association Conference

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Professor Manuel Chinchilla will be chairing a panel at the 2015 Conference for the American Comparative Literature Association. The title of the panel is “Before and Beyond the Law: Cultural Representations of Impunity and Immunity”.

The panel will discuss impunity as a state of affairs leading to an exemption from justice and the denial of rights to victims of corruption and violence, and immunity, as a correlative that sets certain persons/institutions beyond the law. This correlation between the two terms can be seen in concrete practices such as the application of politico-legal immunity, or in response to states of emergency, for example, in the separation of populations during health crises, political turmoil, or widespread violence. The panel will examine the coupling of these terms as a productive way of analyzing cultural representations (literature, film, performance, etc) that portray regimes of violence and exception. Members of the panel will present papers dealing with Latin American and US culture.