Grant Burrier

Grant Burrier graduated as a dual political science and Spanish major from Sewanee. He has been the TA for Sewanee's Camino de Santiago summer program on three occasions. Currently, he is a PhD candidate in political science at the University of New Mexico and teaches in both the political science and the Spanish departments. His current research project is focused on the determinants of social spending in Latin American and the empresas recuperadas, recovered worker cooperatives, in Argentina.

Grant says of his Sewanee experience:

I am grateful to the Spanish department because it really opened the world to me and allowed me to become a global citizen. Starting with the spring semester in Spain, I have traveled to 25 other countries and conducted research in 13 Latin American countries. With the ever-present aide of the wonderful professors at Sewanee, I was able to develop a solid proficiency in Spanish. This ability afforded me the opportunity to meet people like Eduardo Galeano, Shafik Handal, Claribel Alegria, Ernesto Cardenal, and Carlos Fuentes, but also work on the historic electoral campaign of Bolivian President Evo Morales. Because of Spanish, I have been able to meet with landless peasants, factory workers, guerillas, politicians, academics, and poets. Furthermore, my Spanish-ability provided a subsequent launch pad for learning Portuguese and French. Thus, Spanish has become a permanent part of my identity and personal life, but has also provided a key to something much larger and profound, global awareness.

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