¡Bienvenidos al departamento de español de Sewanee! Welcome to the Sewanee Spanish Department. Our department, which has seen rapidly growing demand in recent years, offers a comprehensive program, from beginning language classes to advanced courses in literature and culture.

Our culturally diverse faculty, from the United States, Spain, and Latin America, speak with a variety of accents and dialectical variants and conduct research in a broad range of geographical areas and time periods.

Students will find opportunities to hear and speak Spanish outside the classroom, at the Casa de España y las Américas, weekly Spanish Table, monthly tertulia gatherings, and occasional events such as lectures and film screenings.

The Spanish Department offers a number of study abroad programs. These include Summer in Spain, in which students hike the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route across the north of the country, Semester in Spain, which focuses on Spain and the European Union, and travel to Latin America, in recent years to Cuba and Brazil.

The Spanish Department works closely with other departments and programs whose offerings we complement, such as International and Global Studies, Humanities, and Women and Gender Studies.


Skits in Dr. García-Santana's Class
May 8, 2017
Students in Dr. García-Santana's Spanish 113 class put what they learned into practice in a series of funny skits they put together for the end of the semester. Read more to see them.
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"Learning to Speak, Speaking to Learn" in Professor Jordan's Spanish Class
April 24, 2017
As part of the University's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), "Learning to Speak, Speaking to Learn," Professor Angela Jordan has been giving her students numerous opportunities to work on their public speaking skills, while perfecting their Spanish language skills. The class has participated in debates, interviews with native speakers, oral presentations, and dialogues. Most recently, her students performed job interviews in Spanish. Please read more to see a stellar performance from her Spanish 203A students, Travis Nadalini and Levi Trumbore.
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SSP Students Visit Morocco, Belgium, and the Netherlands
April 19, 2017
Students participating in the Sewanee Semester in Spain are learning just as much from their travels as they are learning in class. They recently took side trips around Spain, to Morocco, Belgium, and the Netherlands. View more to see highlights from their travels.
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