Students gain fluency in the language, familiarity with Hispanic literature, and insight into the cultures of Spain and Latin America through in-depth study of essential literary texts and intensive writing and speaking practice.

Spanish majors complete a minimum of ten full language courses; upper-level courses in Spanish literature before 1700, after 1700, and Latin-American literature; and one class in each culture that of Spain and that of Latin America. The comprehensive examination is given in two parts: a written portion that tests students’ grasp of Spanish language, culture, and history; and an oral presentation on a topic approved by the department.

Majors are encouraged both to study abroad in a Spanish-speaking country and to study an additional foreign language for a year. Summer and semester programs include distinctive offerings on the Road to Santiago and the study of Muslim Spain.

Students in the program can live at Casa de España y las Américas, meet for Tertulia once a month, and socialize at the Spanish Table.


Sandlin & Raulston Adopt Teaching Style Based on Language Acquisition Research
November 20, 2014
In the spring semester of 2014, Professors Steve Raulston and Betsy Sandlin received a $1500 grant from the Mellon Globalization Forum in support of innovative foreign-language teaching. For the past two years Raulston and Sandlin have piloted sections of Spanish 103 and 104 which do not use a textbook. These courses work, instead, on the theory, supported by research, that students acquire vocabulary and grammatical structures deeply and well by hearing language that they understand in an environment rich with repetition, physical movement, competition and other forms of play, and by reading. Creating and telling stories in Spanish have a central place in both professors’ classes. Raulston and Sandlin have used their grant money to purchase props, supplies, and games for their language classrooms. They are also building a library of level-appropriate novels that they will incorporate into their curriculum and also make available to students for free reading.
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Professor Sandlin named Interim Co-Director of the Center for Teaching
November 18, 2014
Professor Sandlin and Professor Deon Miles (Chemistry) have been named Interim Co-Directors of the Center for Teaching for the remainder of the year. They will be working together to offer programs on teaching for all Sewanee faculty, such as the new Teach & Tell series in which faculty gather once a month to share teaching techniques and ideas. They will also administer a faculty mentor program, sponsor events for new faculty, and publish a monthly newsletter. In addition, they are chairing the Center for Teaching task force, which will make recommendations for the future of the Center for Teaching based on their study of model Centers at peer institutions, faculty needs, and best practices in faculty development. While Professor Sandlin is excited about taking on this new challenge, she will continue to chair the Spanish department and teach Spanish courses as well.
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Dr. Raulston's Spanish 103 Class Makes Video
October 29, 2014
Language learning is always fun in Dr. Raulston's beginner Spanish class. In the unit on learning body parts, the class collaborated on this fun music video.
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